When i was restoring my MGA i had a look at the original ID plate and found it too ugly to put it back on the car when it would be finished .  
  So ordered one from the common suppliers and i found that this plate would fall short of my expectations, so i order an other one from another supplier and this was even worse.  
  I decieded to fabricate a plate what would e better than the existing one's and have the relief like the original ones.  
  The first plate what was made in a run of 30 pieces and was better than the plates that the common suppliers deliverd. Read the comments here  
  But on an closer look there where a lot improvements necessary to make an more correct plate, thats comes closser to the original plate.  
  So now i have made an second run , with a lot of improvements.  
  There is an 1500 and 1600 style plate available.  
  And there is also an MG TF plate available.  
  This project was only possible with the help from Robert Müller and Barney Gaylord.  
  For the difference plates form the common suppliers look   here  
  For the firts run plates look   here  
  For the second run plate look   here  
  For ordering an plate look   here