First run plates.    
  Cliff Jones, USA.    
    Just open it up LOOKS GREAT, you did a great job I'll do a little clean up & off to Clark Spears for stamping.  
  John Tygart, USA.    
    Serge;  Received the first plate and an very pleased with the 
  Mark Lambert.    
    Many thanks - it's very nice looking.  
  Dominic Clancy, Switzerland.    

I just opened mine ten minutes ago. The painting is a bit smudged onto the small letters, but nothing that 2 minutes with some wet and dry paper won't cure. The lettering itself is quite pronounced in its profile (more so than on the original plates I have) so after cleaning up the paint they should be fine, or even spot on. The lettering is sharp and the fonts look good too.

Overall a really good job, much credit to Serge for this initiative. Thanks Serge

  D.M. Black, Colorado, USA    

Hi Serge,
Just got mine in the mail today, wow, it's perfect! I would agree they are worth more money.
Don YD1-956


Ian McGregor, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom.


Hi Serge
another happy customer got mine yesterday, Quality spot on.
My old one was a little moth eaten fifty years of salt I suppose.
Thanks again Serge
Ian Mc OAS 511

  Jones,Cliff,South Carolina.    

Serge, Thanks receved it in the mail on the 23rd It looks great. GREAT JOB

Thanks Cliff(SC)

  Bill young,Kansas City, USA.    
  wrote :    

Serge, got mine last night, great looking. Much better than the other reproductions I've seen. Well worth the investment. Thanks for having these made and taking the trouble to ship.

  Don Tremblay, New England.    
  wrote: Serge,

Received the ID plate. Great job!
  Second run plates.    
  Barney Gaylord,USA.    
    Very nice plate by the way, virtually perfect lettering, correct
depth of impression, good plate thickness.  You have a class A winner here.
  Rodney Fisher,Ausralia.    
    1500 Plate arrived in Australia today. (Tuesday 2/10). A vast improvement on the first run. In fact I can't fault it at all. Well done!!!!!!!
Kind Regards,
  John Tygart ,USA.    
    The plates were PERFECT.  Thanks again,  John   Syracuse, NY  
  Lindsay Sampford,UK.    
    The identification plate for my 1500 Roadster arrived this morning (13th October '07). IT IS PERFECT!  The slightly dull silver parts of the plate make it look even more like part of the car, unlike the highly polished, poor quality printed plates available elsewhere.  Your plate really is worth every penny! Well done , and thank-you for all your effort in getting this part of our cars RIGHT!   Lindsay Sampford.  England  
  Mark Sommers,USA.    
    My plates arrived today and they look beautiful. Thanks for doing such a great job.  
  Norm Dick,San Antonio,USA    

I received the plate today. Thank you for the beautiful job. This plate is the best I've ever seen. I compared it to my original and could not see any differences. It is a great piece. Thanks so much….Norm

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